Special Delivery is a mission where the player delivers special goods. It is Marvel exclusive.

  • Hero: A worker of a computer company needs to deliver these new high tech computers to his rich friend. But sadly all of his helicopters are in use so he has to have it travelled by street vehicle. Knowing that some criminal will try to attack the precious cargo, he needs a hero to protect it until the vehicle meets the location.
  • Villain: Word on the street is that there is a new Drug Lord in Mexico who is trying to deliver illegal drugs all across the united states, and send his men in as illegal immigrants to help as henchmen on the streets of the notorious villains of the US. The Drug Lord needs to make sure his drugs get delivered as he has clients that need it now.
  • Hero: Protect the cargo and the driver until it reaches the destination making sure it does not get stolen.
  • Villain: Guard the drugs and annihilate anyone who tries to take the drug dealers to jail and take the drugs.
  • $50,000