Purple Hood
Purple Hood
The Gunslinger
Real name Kole Yeager
Alias Purple Hood

The Gunslinger

Age 24
Species Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Mentor Red Hood
Affiliation DC Heroes
Powers and Abilities
Primary Skill -Marksmanship


-Martial Arts

Equipment -dual 9 mm Pistols

-Frag Grenades

-Grappling Hook

-Combat Boots

-Combat Jacket

-Various other gadgets

Purple Hood (Real Name: Kole Yeager) is the apprentice of Red Hood and resides in Gotham City. He is more of an Anti-Hero if anything.


Purple Hood has a slim yet muscular build. His costume is basically a recolor of his mentor's costume. A.k.a Red Hood. Instead of red he clearly uses purple.


Purple Hood is serious, but still likes to have a little fun. He will constantly mess around on missions and trash talk. He's confident to a fault, sometimes causing him to get extremely over-confident. He believes the only person better than him is his mentor. Thinking he can do anything anyone else can do. But overall, he's a pretty nice guy on the outside. But on the inside he's an extremely angry and sad person.


Born Kole Yeager, his parents left him at an orphanage when barely a month old. He grew up in foster homes. Constantly switching due to him always getting in trouble. He would constantly sneak out and get in trouble with the police. But when he went to school, he always stood up to bullies. He never backed down from a fight. Sometimes he'd get his butt kicked, but he'd get back up and keep going. 


Marksmanship - Kole is skilled with many types of guns. He has quick relfexes and great sight, allowing for near perfect shots.

Acrobatics - Kole trained in acrobatics to easily run from rooftop to rooftop. While also being flexible and quick moving to help with his hand to hand combat.

Martial Arts - Kole is trained in 6 types of martial arts and mixes them together to provide the best combos of kicks and punches to take down an enemy the quickest.


Dual 9 mm Pistols - Two 9 mm pistols with an ehanced range. As well as add ons such as silencers, extended clips, flashlight, etc. The guns an their parts are located in holsters. One on each leg. It is also his main set of weapons. Spare ammo is kept in pouches on right leg.

Explosives - He has multiple explosives such as plastique, frag grenades, small electrical bombs, etc. Frag grenades are on a section of his belt while plastique and others are located each in a seperate pouch on his jacket.

Grappling Hook - A grappling hook with 100 yards of line. The rope is reinforced with a metallic alloy. It is located on his right hip.

Air Filter - A small air filter that is inserted into mouth and nose that filters out gases and such. It is located in his upper left jacket pocket.