The Blue Streak
Real name Jack Wyatt
Alias Hyperdrive

The Blue Streak

Age 25
Species Meta Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Relatives John Wyatt-Father

Julie Wyatt-Mother

Mentor The Flash
Affiliation DC Heroes
Powers and Abilities
Powers Super Speed

Hyperdrive (Real Name: Jack Wyatt) is a Speedster from Central City.


Hyperdrive's is a slender yet fit man of average height. His costume is very similar to Flash's costume, except being with the costume being blue. Another difference is that the yellow part on the waist and arms on Flash's costume, is white on Hyperdrive's.


Hyperdrive is a fun-loving and Jovial type of guy. He's confident and easy going, but gets offended easily. He usually stops and says Hi to the people in the streets and gets to know everyone's name. He hangs out with Orphans on a regular basis. He'll even act friendly to his arch enemies if they remain civil. But, when something goes bad he knows when to shut up and get serious. He doesn't like to be taken as a fool and most certainly doesn't like to see anyone innocent getting hurt. If you mess with one of his Family Members, that's when he REALLY gets angry and beats whoever did it to a pulp.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Speed Force Conduit: Like all Speedsters, Hyperdrive gets his Super Speed from the Speed Force.

  • Superhuman Stamina: Hyperdrive has superhuman stamina, being able to run for several hours straight without tiring himself out, and being affected.
  • Super Speed: Being a new Speedster, Hyperdrive is able to run at the speed of a race car, which is anywhere from 200-250 miles per hour. With his Super Speed, he is able to run up walls.
  • Increased Perception: Hyperdrive's perception has increased when gaining the powers from the Speed Force. This causes him to be able to see things as frozen, while he is moving fast, so that he can have a clear view on things except everything being blurry.