I don't have a title.
Age  ??
Species Human
Physical Description
Gender Unknown
Hair color Green
Eye color Yellow
Relatives Unknown
Affiliation Himself.
Powers and Abilities
Powers Various
Primary Skill Improvised Knife-Chain Combat.
Equipment Xyzeon, Nothing less, Nothing more.


Hazama wears a black jacket, and a white shirt, and a tie. His pants are black jeans with two belts supporting it along with metal covered shoes. He also wears brown cloth bands around his palms and a hat. He looks kind of shady in his appearance and generally keeps himself like that. His eyes are yellow and his hair is green, If his hat is removed the hair seems to spike up and flow around as if controlled by magic, and his eyes look psycophatic.


Not really that much is known about him, Though he doesn't seem to be an ordinary human, He is psycopahtic if he seems to get angry and will try to kill whatever person he is angry at.

He is foul mouthed for the most part and has no care for anyones life. In other situations he is either sarcastic, kind of a joker, Or just incredibly ignorant, His personality varies in the situation so much you can almost never predict what he'll do.


"No, I don't know my history so don't ask, Though i might come up with something later." - Sincerely, Hazama.

Powers, Skills and Abilities.Edit

Hazama specializes in using a knife, in specifics he uses a knife connected to a chain and uses telekinetic abilities to control it.